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View this presentation in its entirety. Take the short quizzes that are placed. Any student.

Injuries Avoid player contact. Make sure to check player, ask for trainer if needed. Points of Emphasis Wearing jewelry during warm-ups is prohibited On site shaving is prohibited Swimsuit construction and design Automatic timing, judging. Take the short quizzes that are placed throughout this presentation. Similar presentations. Upload Log in. My presentations Profile Feedback Log out. Log in. Auth with social network: Registration Forgot your password? Download presentation. It features game scores and locations complete with directions, schedules and other pertinent school information for its LHSAA member schools in the sports of football,….

Likewise, it will become a contributing sponsor for LHSAA state championship events in the greater Baton Rouge and New Orleans areas which includes the state finals for the sports of volleyball, football, wrestling and outdoor track and field. Finally, the three-year deal includes NOLA. The NFHS, which has written and published playing rules for high school sports throughout most of its year history, is offering its rules publications in e-book format through iTunes for Apple users.

In addition, the Kindle version is being sold on Amazon.

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All rules books and case books for fall sports are available for purchase through Amazon, and will be followed later in the year by winter and spring sports. Based on figures from the 51 NFHS-member state high school associations, which includes the District of Columbia, sports participation for the school year reached an all-time high of 7,, participants — an increase of 21, from the previous year. Failure to file a request for an appeal hearing before theBoard of Directors within the five 5 business days following the date of the Sectional Appeals Committee meeting or the InfractionAppeals Committee meeting shall be deemed a waiver of the right of an appeal as granted herein.

The Basics

The person or entity making the appeal must give notice of their choice to appear atthe time the appeal or request for waiver is filed. Appearance by the student and a school representative is mandatory for an appealor request for undue hardship waiver involving age, limit of eligibility and unsportsmanlike conduct provisions when heard by theSectional Appeals Committee, and is optional when heard by the Board of Directors.

Girls Volleyball

A twenty 20 -minute block will be allotted for each case involving an appearance. The school representative who is required to accompanythe student must be a full-time employee of the school and must be identified on the form at the time of filing. The student may berepresented by an attorney. Such representation will not excuse the appearance of a student when that appearance is required. Additional information may be submitted and heard at the time of the appeal,for student eligibility cases.

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Failure to file an appeal so that it is received in the office of this Associationwithin the ten 10 business days allowed shall be deemed a waiver of the right to appeal as granted herein. The notice of appeal must indicate whether the school will submit its appeal in writing only or whether it willappear before the appeals committee at the time the appeal is considered. Sectional Appeals Committees hear and act on appeals ofsecondary cases. The Infractions Appeals Committee hears and acts on appeals ofmajor cases. In this case, the school must demonstrate how it contends the staff was in error.

An appeals committee may set aside a penalty imposed by the FHSAA staff ifthe appeals committee determines that the penalty is excessive or inappropriate based on all the evidence and circumstances. Onlythe Board of Directors may modify a penalty imposed by this Association.

NFHS rules publications now available as e-books

An appeals committee can act only on the basisof the record in the case. The committee cannot consider information that was not available to the FHSAA staff whenissuing its finding and imposing the penalty. The appeals committee may stay an appeal when new information is introducedand refer the case back to the FHSAA staff for review if the committee concludes that: a The new information was not available, and through the exercise of reasonable due diligence could not have been available, at the time the FHSAA staff issued its finding; and b The new information is demonstrably relevant to the findings of the staff.

The notice of appeal must indicate whether the schoolwill submit its appeal in writing only, or whether it will appear before the Board of Directors at the time the appeal is considered. The Board of Directors can act only on the basis ofthe record in the case. This record consists of the information that was available to the appeals committee at the time it rendered itsdecision. The Board of Directors may stay an appeal when new information is introduced and refer the case back to the FHSAA stafffor review per the conditions of paragraph A request for an emergency appeal shall be filed with theExecutive Director within 48 hours after the member school learns that there is a need for a decision before the matter can be consideredat a regularly scheduled meeting of the Sectional Appeals Committee.

Failure to file a request within 48 hours shall be deemed awaiver of the right of an emergency appeal. By requesting a hearing by the Emergency Appeals Committee, themember school consents to such a hearing being conducted by telephone conference call and shall be governed by Bylaw 4. By requesting a hearing by the Emergency Appeals Committee, themember school agrees to pay all expense including expenses such as the cost of the telephone conference call and the costs of thestenographic recording of such hearing.

All such games or sessions shall be on an intra-squad basis. Non-squad members maynot participate in any team practice, game or contest.

MHSA Handbook

No more than one school day or part of one school day may be missed in a weekfor traveling to, traveling from and participating in an athletic contest s unless approved by the Executive Director. No more than two school days or part of two school days may be missed ina week for traveling to, traveling from and participating in an athletic contest s unless approved by the Executive Director. No interscholastic athletic contest may be held on a Sunday except under emergency conditionsin tournaments or meets which are approved by the Executive Director or the Board of Directors.

The conduct of practice sessions ofany kind on a Sunday is prohibited. Single elimination, doubleelimination, round robin and pool play formats are permissible.

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Each and every contest played by the team in a tournament, however,shall count toward the maximum contest limitations. Only students in grades 6 through 12 are allowed to practice or participate in interscholasticathletics for a member school. The outcome i. Cham-pionships or other placements ordered vacated by individuals or teams, will not bring about advancement in placements or receipt ofawards for those placements.

A member school shall not organize its teams for interscholastic practice or interscholasticcompetition in a sport outside of the dates listed for that sport. There will be no further practices following the date of the lastregular season contest or the date of elimination from state series competition, whichever is last to occur. Competitive Cheerleading and football may engage in spring practice for a maximumof 20 sessions conducted exclusively during month of May or the last 20 days of the school year, whichever comes first. The varsityteam and each individual student may compete in 1 jamboree or 1 spring classic game during final week, which must be counted asone of the 20 sessions.

Due to the protective equipment required in football, these procedures apply for both fall andspring practices: a the first two 2 days of practice are restricted to helmets only, b days can introduce shoulder-pads with shorts, c beginning day six 6 of practice, full gear can be utilized and body-to-body contact is permitted. Student-athletes who begin practice with a team after the start of official practice will be required to follow this same 6 day procedure.

During the initial five 5 days, the use of arm shields, tackling and blocking dummies, sleds and other devices can be used forinstructional purposes, however, deliberate body-to-body contact is prohibited. Each student must participate in minimum of 10 practice sessions on 10 separate days prior tofirst competition except a student who participates in a fall sport may compete after participating in 5 practice sessions on 5 separatedays. School contest limitations are for regular season contests only and are not inclusiveof permissible preseason or postseason contests.

A member school is limited to one varsity team per sport but may have multiplesub-varsity teams, including, but not limited to, one or more freshman teams, one or more junior varsity teams, etc. An individual student shall not exceed the established contest limitations, as listed inPolicy 6.

Anindividual student cannot participate as a member of varsity and sub-varsity teams on same day. The season limitation for football is 11 games, inclusive of all games played. After the conclusionof the sub-varsity season, sub-varsity players may complete the varsity regular season. A student-athlete can participate in only one 1 football contest during the same school week; Monday through Saturday exclusive of the state series. This calendar will number the weeksof the year, with Week One 1 being the first full week of July Sunday through Saturday.

A multi-team event is an event of convenience in scheduling due to time, site or facility constraintsby the participating schools. A tournament is any event in which any, but not limited to, of the following occur: 7. A special event is, but not limited to, a preseason jamboree game or tournament, preseason classicgame or tournament, spring football jamboree or classic, football post season game, and third party organized or sponsored games ortournaments i.

A sanctioned event is any event that requires a sanction application i. Any athletic event hosted by an FHSAA member senior high school in a sanctioned sport which involvesthree or more schools such as a tournament or meet; preseason classic tournament; preseason jamboree; fall or spring football jamboreeor classic; or any tournament or meet which is held to determine the champion of a city, county, conference or league, must be approvedby the FHSAA Office.

Approval is not required for multi-team regular season events, such as tri-meets and quad-meets, in individualsports or for any event hosted by a member middle school or junior high school. The application for approval must be submitted to the FHSAAOffice utilizing the official Association process as approved by the Executive Director, with a time stamp bearing a date not later than30 days prior to the first day of the event to avoid, in addition to the standard administrative fee, the following late processing fees: 7.

Junior varsity, junior high and other sub-varsity tournaments, if held, must be held as separateevents. A varsity team may participate in either a preseason jamboree or classic, but not both. Sub-varsity preseasonjamborees and classics are prohibited. A memberschool which is invited to participate in a multi-team athletic event or single athletic contest which is to be conducted outside theneighboring states of Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi is required to submit an AT16 form which must be submitted to the FHSAAOffice within 60 days of travel.

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No member school may participate in any event or contest inwhich any school that is not a member in good standing of associations that are members of NFHS or affiliate members of the NFHSand which regulates interscholastic athletic competition within its state is scheduled to participate. Member schools are prohibited fromhosting or otherwise participating in multi-team athletic events or single athletic contests on an intrastate, interstate or internationalbasis which are not sanctioned or approved by the FHSAA and the National Federation of State High School Associations.

Member schools that enter into an agreement with a for profit third party entity i. Thispolicy applies only to national promoters and does not apply to locally televised regular season events. It, however, is the preference of the Board of Directors that every eligible school that can andshould participate, do so.

A school for legitimate reasons may exercise the option of independence. Such reasons include, but are not limited to: a newly openingschool; a school that has consistently been unable to compete in the classification to which it is assigned; a school that is geographically 36 FHSAA Volleyball Sport Manual.