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Phil with his hats and wigs posing as everything from Rastafarian to an air conditioning repairman to follow around the new Mrs. Zerling was a hoot and Helen got back from her voyage just in time to put herself back in the middle of the fun. Elaine Viets never disappoints, she delivers mysteries that are fast paced and always entertaining! Helen and Phil make a heck of a team. Each edition tops the last and there is always that little trickle keeping us tied to Helen's past which always leaves the reader wanting more.

I can't wait for my next adventure with the gang from The Coronado Tropics Apartments! VictoriaAllman More than 1 year ago Helen Hawthorne is at it again. In the latest installment of Elaine Viets' funny and well-crafted mystery series, Helen finds herself as both a preacher and a stewardess on a yacht--two very different roles for this P.

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Both cases intertwine to expose Helen to the rich and privileged behaving very badly. The often humorous characters are spot-on and will leave you laughing and cringing at the same time; all the while rooting for Helen to solve the case and escape from the wacky world of the wealthy. This is a fast-paced page-turner with the continuing story of Helen and her new life as a wife and old life as woman hiding out from the law expertly woven in. Eleven books into the series, Dead-End Jobs shows no signs of slowing down or getting stale.

As yacht crew myself, I must say, Viets nailed the life of a crew member. I only hope I never have to work for such guests as Helen had onboard. From the endless hours without sleep to the never-ending cycles of laundry, Helen is thrown into the world of yachting where it is sink or swim. Final Sail was a thrill to read and left me wanting number twelve in the series to come out soon. Related Searches. A Dog Gone Murder. Mystery shopper Josie Marcus catches a new case when the owner of a popular doggy View Product.

Accessory to Murder. The latest installment in the Chesapeake Crimes mystery series focuses on working stiffs--literally! Included in Included in this collection are new tales by: Shari Randall, C. Ellett Logan, Karen Cantwell, E. Death on a Platter. Mystery shopper Josie Marcus digs into another meaty murder investigation when a local restaurant owner Mystery shopper Josie Marcus digs into another meaty murder investigation when a local restaurant owner is charged with picking off a problem customer…Josie is getting a taste of St.

Dying in Style. Suburban single mom, Josie Marcus, loves being a secret shopper. High Heels Are Murder. Mystery shopper Josie Marcus stumbles onto another murder when a sleazy shoe salesman is killed Mystery shopper Josie Marcus stumbles onto another murder when a sleazy shoe salesman is killed right after she gets him canned…Josie finally has her life back on track. Not only is the single mom dating the best and hottest barista I am having the hardest time just trying to even HAVE a capcha to type in. Right now here are NO capcha words so i wlll need to see if I can request a set.

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Tried to aplolgize for the typos in my earlier post and one of the two capcha "words" was a photo of a house! Needless to say,I flunked the robot test. Agatha Christie mostly killed unlikeable people. Still,I did feel sympathy for some of her victims. Linda, I wish I could have been at the lunch you described! Deb Romano. About Gaudy Night: I read it so many years ago that I don't remember if it has a murder. I no longer have a copy of it so I can't check. But now I'm thinking I should reread all those mysteries.

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Noticed that I spelled apologize incorrectly in the previous post. My arthritic fingers are really tripping me up today Deb--you are hilarious! Apologizing for a typo--?

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To me? QUEEN of typos? SO silly. Deb and Hank, Gaudy Night does not have a murder, though it has threats, anonymous poison-pen letters, vandalism, physical attacks, a suicide, and two attempted murders. Can't imagine why the waitr got so nervous. Let's see if I can get it now. Got another photo with blurred, tiny house numbers in it. There can be mysteries without bodies, but I do like Elaine's carefully crafted disposal of people whose resemblance to any persons living or dead is pure fictional coincidence.

I survived my last year of teaching by writing a little short, "The NCLB Murder" in which an assistant principal with no RTAPLOD was found dead in the recycling dumpster, half-buried in test papers and bludgeoned with a scantron test grading machine. I love your Dead End Jobs series! I think I turned to reading murder mysteries, because I was trying to deal with murders of people I knew.

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Now i just like the story. I am writing a mystery about a murder and find myself going back and forth about the victim: Too innocent. It happens. But it's too hard on the soul. Then its worth dealing with.

Final Sail

Justice isn't always there for the innocent. Holding my breath See you tomorrow, everyone! We're talking about our most unforgettable character..

Final Sail is a lot of fun! Great column - I recently wrote a story with a murder victim and had to change the locale by 10 miles to get a good place for the body. The body was dumped in a spot in the property I live on. Hmm, I don't think I feel so safe here anymore! Jungle Red Writers. So I try to make sure the person really deserves it. But of course, in real life, that's sometimes not the case. I'm still trying to get comfortable with killing someone.

I know I can say that around you. And then, there's also the annoying problem with disposing of said body. And even the much-lauded and best-selling Elaine Viets has a problem with that! Welcome to Jungle Red, Elaine--and Reds, if you haven't met her? Hold on to your coffee. I Ain't Got No Body. On paper. Easy enough. No mess, no guilt, no cops knocking at my door. My work brings me personal satisfaction, too. I give the deceased an extremely small member. I am Little Dick! But my work is not as easy as it seems. Dead bodies are chock-full of valuable evidence to help the police catch him.

Even the most careful killer can leave behind a clue. Also, it makes for a very short novel.

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The same goes for burying the victim. My killer is stuck with a hundred pounds or more of rapidly spoiling meat. And South Florida has one of the highest decomposition rates in the nation. I had a boatload of people rich enough to buy their way out of trouble, a willing staff, a large, lonely ocean, and a violent storm. Just chuck the body over the rail, quick and clean, and my worries were over, right? I did some research. Turns out if a yacht leaves Fort Lauderdale with sixteen people aboard, it had better return with the same number — or a good explanation for the missing person.

I needed a murder where the killer would be brought to justice — US justice.

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If the crime was going to be investigated by U. That meant everyone on board has to be a US citizen. Loading Author Notes LC Subjects. Hawthorne, Helen Fictitious character -- Fiction. Women detectives -- Fiction.