Guide From Christmas to Eternity (Mills & Boon Medical)

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Mainly ebook now? Michele Mills teaches High School English to unruly teenagers and enjoys cooking for her husband and two sons. Die for You , the first book in her new post-apocalyptic series from Samhain, is available now. I love the angst, the alpha badass heroes and the virgin heroines who tame the heroes. Sadly the most recent HPs have been a disappointment. The heroes are no longer badass alphas, the heroines are less likely to be virgins, the heroines have become unlikeable versions of Sex in the City characters and the stories are more likely to be the hero and heroine naval gazing spennding pages self analyzing themselves.

In spite of my criticisms I still read HPs but first I wait for others to spoil them to avoid triggers.

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This I totally understand. Yeah, I have to say I love those HPs with the growly alphas. I eat them up like candy. Yep, I love the vintage HPs.

Robyn Donald for instance wrote some really memorable ones like Smoke in the Wind. I hated that hero but loved the angst and the heroine. I doubt HP would even publish it today unfortunately due to the hero being so over the top. My all-time favorite category line was Silhouette Intimate Moments especially from the mid 80s to the early 00s because it had a wide range of stories and you never knew exactly what you were going to get. There were books of international intrigue and books of small town romance in the same month. Mystery, drama, comedy, the line had a bit of everything.

I also liked Silhouette Desire before they became all about millionaires and billionaires , Harlequin Temptation, and Loveswept all in the late 80s through mids. I used to write used bookstores around the country tracking down backlists for new-to-me authors in the pre-internet days. Category romance titles had a much wider range of settings and plots during the late 80s and 90s.

Wordcounts seemed to get shorter and the variery of settings have dwindled. My Target stopped carrying the Harlequin series all together and Wal-mart only has some of the lines. Plus they have a great rewards program. Harlequin was the first publisher who made their entire front-list available in digital. And they also offer the various series subscription in digital.

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I just wish they would figure out who owns the digital rights to many of the early 90s book them or the authors so we could get them in digital. Though many of my favorites apparently are either no longer involved in published or have passed on and the heirs are unaware of the fact many of us would pay money to get these older books in digital format. My next post on harlequin will include an interview with an author who no longer pubs with harlequin and has instead moved to Tule and just received her rights back to her 26 book backlist. That will be interesting to hear about….

I have to comment because a Barbara Cartland! I devoured those stories as a young teenager. I loved the formula in them — always an experienced man in his early 30s and a virginal year old woman. I was 13 or 14 at the time, so the idea of being swept off my feet by a richer older man was very attractive.


My earliest recollection of a plot is actually a step-brother story which amuses me, because I tend to steer clear of them now — one where the woman in attracted to the son of a man her mother marries all adults already. It was so lusty! I was hooked! I discovered Stephanie James through Silhouette Desire, went on to read Amanda Quick and Jayne Ann Krentz, and lo and behold , discovered they were all the same author! I read all of the Harlequin lines on offer at that time too late 80s, early 90s but mostly the Presents line is what sticks out in my memory.

Now, I read mostly Harlequin Blaze sad to see the line going away and an occasional Presents and Desire. I definitely like knowing that the plot will contain minimal surprises — I get exactly what I expect from it. I missed so many years of good reading! Thank you for this, I really enjoyed reading about your journey. Kindred spirit!

Like Erika, I love the Harlequin Presents line and have been a subscriber for around 25 years. Favorite authors in the HP line: Helen Bianchin when will that next book be published? The early ones were the best, and favorite authors are almost a repeat of hers. I read the Super Romance line mostly following favorite authors, Judith Duncan in particular. I devoured the Harlequin Romance line when I first started reading romance and fell in love with Betty Neels.

I read a few Harlequin Intrigue books, following favorite authors, such as Gayle Wilson. I read Kismets only for one author — Lacey Dancer. O Harlequin where art thou? In my opinion they are MIA in terms of looking after author interests or providing service to readers. Most of my purchases of Harlequin books are digital because very few are carried by Target or other big box stores and they disappear so quickly that rarely can I find an author I am seeking. I am disappointed in Harlequin because for authors I buy, like Janice Kay Johnson, they only make their books available digitally in Australia and when I went on the US website which lists both ebook and print I was flicked back to the Australian site which only offers ebooks.

Enjoyed this book.

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Read this book in two evenings. So it was a good book to read. And the story is interesting to read. Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats. Rating details.

From Christmas to Eternity by Caroline Anderson

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