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Last week, Beck and Joe had a delightful dual therapy montage where it seemed that Dr. Nicky was, in fact, giving Beck relationship advice. Did they end their relationship before this point?

Never Ending Hide And Seek Abandoned In Hidden Dessert DollMaker Part 9

Was Dr. Nicky telling Beck to stop sleeping with Joe, but continue sleeping with him, her therapist? Joe is understandably devastated and asks Beck why she would do such a thing. Nope: In fact, this moment only brings the couple closer. Through tears, Beck tells Joe that she has never felt love like this before, and was therefore afraid of it. And Joe? Well, Joe is totally sold. She said she never loved him, and ripped up her first-edition copy of Wuthering Heights. But things are far from sad with Joe and Beck! He is, instead, waking Beck up in the morning with the promise of takeout waffles.

Sidebar: Waffles are never good when you get them to-go. Beck is so giddy over her new honest relationship that she texts her gal pals lots of heart-eyed emojis, and everyone is generally supportive of their love. Beck, ever the curious cat, figures that Joe probably has a few things he hides in his own bathroom ceiling. Joe knows that Beck will never see him the same way ever again. But for how long?

Looking for more theories, recaps, and insider info on all things TV? Join our Facebook group, Binge Club. Join here. Princess Margaret may be dead, but she still found a way to weigh in on her Netflix portrayal. When art is based on real events, things can get complicated — especially if the people whom those real things happened to are still alive. Classic Ross. So what to they do? They rap. Poorly, inappropriately, and hilariously. This one is so weird, yet so interesting. Her one-episode friendship with the real Monica is surprisingly touching, and it also helps Monica accept herself for who she is.

Their exchange is full of dark humour, and it's always interesting to see Phoebe — quirky, fun Phoebe — manage a high-stakes situation. Fun times. All the friends except a very pregnant Phoebe fly to London, where Ross is about to marry Emily — and find out the venue is getting torn down. Joey, who is initially incredibly excited to visit the English capital, ends up feeling comically homesick after one phone call to New York.

The One with George Stephanopoulos — Season one, episode four. Monica, Phoebe and Rachel are having the most depressing slumber party in history until they find out that their pizza has been accidentally delivered to George Stephanopoulos — and proceed to try to spy on the TV star. Oh, to be young in the Nineties in New York City.

Rachel quits her job as a waitress in search of a better career path. By the end of the episode, she has a new gig, which mainly consists of making coffee for her boss. This one was odd but fun — and it just screams Nineties nostalgia. By its second season, Friends was popular enough to attract some high-profile guest stars. You GO, Elizabeth. Any sequence in which the friends are seen during their college years is headed straight to Cringeville hello, Courteney Cox in a fat suit.

Notes from the prairie

Only redeeming moment: when Rachel realises that many years ago, Ross was ready to step in after her prom date had apparently failed to show up. Ross has a thing on his backside.

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Is it a mole? Is it a cyst? No one seems to know! Rachel is late. Late for what, you ask? To give birth, of course! What a tearjerker. Rachel is preparing to leave New York for Paris, Chandler and Monica are about to move to the suburbs, and the series is nearing its end.

Inside No 9: can you find the hidden hare in every episode?

The scenes in which Rachel bids goodbye to Monica, Chandler, Phoebe and Joey are lovely — and at the time they aired, they must have provided some catharsis to heartbroken fans bidding the show farewell. After all this, of course, Ross and Rachel argue, then kiss — and set up the finale perfectly. Friends had such a knack for wedding episodes. Here, we not only get to watch Chandler and Monica preparing to tie the knot cute! And a bit stressful when Chandler goes missing but we also find out — gasp!

Game of Thrones: season two, episode nine – Blackwater

Ross moves in with Chandler and Joey — and turns out to be the most insufferable roommate in the world. Phoebe dates an over-eager restaurant inspector, and Rachel, desperate for her new neighbour Danny to ask her out, proves surprisingly inept at playing it cool. That was weird, right?

Weird but interesting. Meanwhile, Phoebe finds out that her identical twin sister Ursula is starring in pornographic films and using her name — and handles the situation with her usual panache. Other times, you can just have Phoebe Buffay run in a rather… unique way in Central Park.

Joey takes a pregnant Rachel out on a date, because she misses that part of her social life. After several desperate attempts to cross the sizeable borough in 10 minutes one of which results in him fainting , he winds up teaching on rollerblades. George Clooney and Noah Wyle make a cameo as two doctors treating Rachel after she hurts her ankle.

And that, my friend, is what they call quality television. Just watch her yell at the crowd during her baby shower.

Peach Salinger is a distant cousin of J.D. Salinger.

Sadly, Joanna dies before any paperwork could go through to make the changes official — meaning Rachel is back to square one. Rachel always had to battle to advance her career, but this particular setback was… unexpected, to say the least. What a diss.

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More importantly, Joey agrees to go on a double date with Phoebe, forgets to find a proper guy for her, and ends up bringing the first Mike he can find at Central Perk. Meanwhile, Ross tries to make one of the most important decisions of his life does he move to London in an attempt to mend his relationship with Emily? The One on the Last Night — Season six, episode six. Rachel and Monica keep fighting with each other, which turns out to really be a way for them not to acknowledge how sad they are.

Ross gets picked to feature on a panel on the Discovery Channel, but after Rachel injures her ribs, he gives up on his TV appearance without telling her to take her to the hospital. The sweet moment comes as definite proof that their friendship is on the mend, several episodes after their dramatic break-up.