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James Jenkins James Jenkins 3, 2 2 gold badges 24 24 silver badges 62 62 bronze badges. Does it mean that my book cannot be on KDP Select program? The question is about making a book permanetly free for all Amazon clients. But regardless, the point remains: you and I cannot. Take a look on this book: Do No Harm this book seems to be always free. That book is listed as discounted to free. It may be something odd on KDP Select, but I regularly check it and it is free for quite some months now. Do you have any sources to back-up these speculations? These are private deals with Amazon I wouldn't have any access to.

But it's obvious that's what's happening. My belief that many of the free ebook sites are secretly promotional vehicles for the Big 6 is that these sites rarely have contact info, rarely provide news or reviews and don't have forms for individuals to submit their own free ebooks announcements. This varies from site to site of course. Many site are just aggregators, but never seem to find the free indie titles. That accounts for my suspicion. Let me say that this seemed to be the case in late ; after Amazon made new rules on affiliates with regard to free ebooks in early , I think , the situation may have changed.

As a reader, I almost never find "interesting" titles on these freebie sites -- although there are tons of decent freebies listed on Amazon Top Free lists. Featured on Meta.

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I hope you will download a copy. I am certainly among those who can say "amen" to the fact that self-publishing is easy, promotion certainly is not! Your information gives me great hope of finding effective way to make people aware of this information. I have started today to get a plan put together for this purpose, making good use of many ideas from your presentation.

Many thanks. God bless you!! Walt Scott Your. Really excellent information about kindle book promotion. It will be very helpful for me. Few days ago one of my friend told me about this briefly but I have gotten details information from you. Another good news I would like to share with you. This article was a really well thought out article for beginners and those that have some experience!

I'm going to be implementing many of these strategies across my range of books ASAP! Thanks, Bob Bray. That's amazing how quickly you turned out this book and with savvy marketing chops you sold so many books. Killed it!

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I could really use your help to promote my eBooks on Amazon I do have an account with my eBooks already published but not many purchases have taken place. Thank you so much Scott I have a concern My question A reply would be appreciated. Thank you Jean Jacques. Thanks for this article, Scott. It must have taken some time to write! This sounds really good, but my new book "Devil's Coattail" is a western novel. Western genre has a small reader base these days, so promoting is difficult.

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If I do a book give away, most of my readers would take advantage of it and there would be nobody to buy the book left. Hi Scott. This is great information and I will be follow every step for my first book launch on Kindle Sore. Is it any other way to send people book for free before free promotions? You buy like a gift. Is it any other way to send like you send, like a gift, but that I don't need to pay for my own books?

And you can expect email from me in week or two where I will be gently ask you to promote my first book : Hehe. Again Scott, really thanks for this awesome article. I love your article.

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I will be using some of your techniques, as I will be publishing my first book next month. Just using the redditt, facebook and twitter techniques from this post got me to 1 across three categories after 24 hours! I will try using some of your tips on publishing my two children's books and audio books. Probably one of the longest posts I've ever read Lots of good stuff though.

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I've done several non fiction kindle books with moderate success and have recently re-released my debut romance novel, which took forever to finish. I'm always looking for new ways to promote. Some great ideas here. Scott, This is epic stuff! Your hack on how to find categories and keywords on Amazon is something I've read before, but you break it down really well and easily digestible.

I can't wait to play around and see what I find! This post was written in May , and I know that Amazon has changed the way they view free downloads toward title rankings, so my question is, do you have a follow up or new post regarding this algorithm change to increase your rankings? Wow, an awesome article mate. This is really helpful and totally worth the time spent for reading every word. Again thanks for injecting some ideas as I'm planning to do a marketing campaign to my very first fiction. Thanks Scott, great article, keep like that and move amazing with writing business!

Kind regards Jacklyn. You've posted a treasure of information. Your open, welcoming, and warm personality earns you the title 'social magnet'. I just finished my first book and this free information is priceless. Thank you for sharing.

KDP Select is so 2012, Go Permafree instead

Looking forward to returning the favor. So so so much better than any other book I've wasted my money on. Bloody legend! That is one incredibly pacted article on marketing. With regards to the promotion aspect, Facebook and Twitter are great, but dont' forget about Ebook Promotion Sites. They'll send your book out to their email list and this can be really powerful. Here is a complete list of Ebook promotion sites and their requirements.